Did you know…

…why the people of Lenk used to live up higher in the valley? … what happened during the Battle of Lenk up on the Langermatte? … that there was a fire in 1878 that destroyed much of the town of Lenk …that Princess Juliana, daughter of the Dutch queen Wilhelmina, became engaged in 1936 to Prince Bernhard at the Weissenburg spa near Lenk?

Chalet Amalia, an original Simmentaler Bauernhaus, was built round about 1750 and was completely rebuilt by a Dutch family in 2008. The original woodwork has been re-used, nothing was changed in terms of the outside monumental construction, but rooms and ceiling heights have been redesigned to modern standards. The interior is a warm mixture of rural Swiss materials, antiques and Dutch design.

The new owners named the Chalet after Amalia, the present crown princess of the Netherlands. The chalet is at 1200mtrs above sea level, half way to the top of the Bühlberg, mountain station opening up to the wonderful Adelboden-Lenk ski area and to marvellous hiking paths in summertime.

The Chalet consists of 4 sleeping rooms and two bathrooms. A large living room with open kitchen and 8 windows give a magnificent view of the valley of Lenk and the opposite Betelberg.

In the basement there are two more rooms for laundry and for technical installations as well as a warm storage room for skiing equipment and mountain bikes.

The chalet is alternatively heated by solar panels and so called “luft heizung”, and the water comes from a spring higher up the mountain. The owners are part of the “Brunnengenossenschaft”, a collective of owners that take care of the water quality and maintenance of the spring.